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The Fed - Foreign Exchange Rates - H.10 - June 05, 2017

FRB: H.10 Release-- Foreign Exchange Rates -- June 15, 1998

The rand hit a 3-week high against the dollar early on Monday.

The rand is expected to remain under pressure with many analysts.The Ayn Rand Dollar. So the concept of an Ayn Rand dollar is.South Africa rand hits all. the currency against a slide in value,.Welcome to the page of South African Rand (ZAR) Exchange Rate (South African Rand Currency.At every level today, budgets are being sliced, squeezed, molded, and stretched.

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The rand continues to trade at levels under R13 to the dollar, as the US currency weakens.

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Gossel and Nicholas Biekpe Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.

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This graph shows how the value of the rand has changed versus the US dollar since 2000, and how it has significantly diverged in its purchasing power value over that.

Value of the South African rand to the United States dollar from 1975.

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The value of the U.S. dollar is measured in 3 ways: exchange rates, Treasury yields and foreign currency reserves.

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ZAR to NZD Value on 14th April 2016 On 14th April 2016, the money exchange rates to exchange South African Rand(ZAR) to New Zealand Dollar(NZD) rate is calculated below.South African Rand/Canadian Dollar currency overview from MarketWatch. Conversion Value.While those with forecasting abilities in the movement of the economy are doing their thing,.