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VIX overview: news and data on the CBOE Volatility Index, from MarketWatch.

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Others are relatively docile and move more slowly, with a small changes in price on a steady pace over long periods of time.The MSCI Minimum Volatility Indexes are part of the MSCI Factor Indexes family, which represent the return of factors (common stock characteristics) that have.Any firm whose business generates significant positive cash flows or earnings, which increase at significantly faster rates.

Volatility ETFs and ETNs track the VIX volatility index and give investors a great way to trade the activity of the market hedge against big swings.

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High volatility slots, sometimes referred to as high potential slots, is a slot machine that may pay larger than average wins at the expense of fewer smaller wins.These ETFs follow an index that screens for low volatility stocks, takes into.According to data analyzed by Birinyi Associates Inc., after reporting quarterly earnings, tech sector stocks averaged 4.8% moves in after-hours trading, and 3.4% during regular trading hours during the period studied.The average change on the day for this sector was 3.3%. Telecommunications The major companies in this sector include phone services, wireless communications services, cable providers, data and Internet services and equipment manufacturers and vendors.

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Wars, revolutions, famines, droughts, strikes, political unrest, recessions or depressions, inflation, deflation, bankruptcies of major industries and fluctuations in supply and demand can all cause stock prices to drop precipitously.

These large-lot sales also cause big declines in stock prices.The latest markets news, real time quotes, financials and more.

Click to see Returns, Expenses, Dividends, Holdings, Taxes, Technicals and more.Markit Pricing Data provides an independent source of daily equity volatility information to help meet independent price verification requirements.

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Back in the 14th century, volatile was a noun that referred to birds (especially wild fowl) or other winged.

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Performance Characteristics of the MSCI Minimum Volatility World Index Figure 2 shows the cumulative returns over the entire period for the global MV Index against the.

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Some are volatile, bouncing all over the short term, rapidly up and down in price like a yo-yo.

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An investment that is not one of the three traditional asset types (stocks, bonds and cash).

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The volatility indices measure the implied volatility for a basket of put and call options related to a specific index or ETF.