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If you are calling the Matlab engine, Matlab has to be installed on the target machine.Learn more about matlab, python, matlab api for python, import error MATLAB.I have just found out that perhaps the easiest way is using the Matlab COM builder as the dll functions can be called as class.The exported mlf functions return a boolean value representing whether the function succeeded or not. When the.

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I need this because I have some functions behave differently when.

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Some times it is required that we build a shared library (DLL) from an m-file.

ImportError: No module named 'matlab' , DLL load failed

This is not very attractive since the exe has to be loaded everytime it is going to...

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When i compile test1 function, it makes the dll that has several functions in it including mlxtest1.

After installing the MATLAB Compiler Runtime on another computer, I start the application.

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Hi Jesus, The dll is an executable whose code and data is loaded in the same program space as another (either a dll or an executable).I got an example that guy converted a dll to mexw32 file but i have known how I do this.

If you have the Compiler Toolbox you can build a standalone dll that you can.

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Learn more about testing matlab dll, testing matlab dll using varargin.

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I have observed the same problem under similar circumstances, that is I am using MATLAB R2007b and compiled the dll-file with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

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Matlab was working perfectly when I wanted to open some files storged in my pen drive.

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I need to use a function in Matlab that is defined by a dll file.

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